Cleaning Services London & South Western Ontario

A Plus Building Maintenance offers cleaning services in London & South Western Ontario. We have built our business on the philosophy that every business is different and has different cleaning needs, and we strive to get to know our clients and surpass their personal opinion of what “clean” is. We find that building relationships with clients allows us to avoid most issues that have arisen in the past with other cleaning services companies, and quickly come to a resolution if a new issue does arise.

What our cleaning services team is made of:

Quality Cleaning Services:

quality cleaning services in office London & South Western Ontario

We strive for quality in everything we do. This not only means quality cleaning services, but quality relationships and conversations with clients. We want to hear from you! Our cleaning services team likes to hear what cleaning services are working for you, and how we can adapt our methods better to your specific business. Our team knows which products to use on different surfaces to ensure there’s no damage such as peeling or burns. Employees go through extensive safety training as well to ensure their safety, as well as yours.

Privacy and Security:

a friendly cleaning staff in London & South Western OntarioWe understand that you are taking a risk allowing a team of individuals into your business that you do no know as well as your own employees. Part of the reason we build quality relationships with clients is to ensure a level of trust. Many of our employees have been with us since the beginning, and treat the business as if it were their own. We have done extensive background checks, interviews and have lists of personal references allowing us to enter facilities with strict security controls. Our employees understand the value of honesty. Our cleaning services in London & South Western Ontario are billed according to our arrangement, not with added fees or hidden calculations.

Environmentally Friendly:

A little goes a long way when it comes to the cleaning products we use for our cleaning services in London & South Western Ontario, Ontario. We continually research products and equipment we can use to make our cleaning services more environmentally friendly. With the latest innovative cleaning equipment, we can use less energy, less chemicals, and less time to make your office more clean! We carefully balance sanitation and environmental impact by using hospital grade products. We test new products out on our own time, at our own facilities and only use the best.